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Key Features

Robotic automation dramatically speeds up processes and reduces the number of errors. A significant limitation to its scalability is the cost of licenses for leading RPA vendors' software and the expenses associated with robot implementation and maintenance. You can utilize our platform as a secondary RPA solution or transition to it entirely, gaining the ability to automate more without sacrificing functionality or increasing developer retraining costs.
200+ pre-built components
Easy integration into your corporate environment and rapid project creation
No-code, low-code, pro-code
Support for all development modes enables automation of processes of any complexity
Ready-to-use migration tools
Migration modules for rapid robot transfer and developer training for those experienced with other platforms
On-Premise – no cloud required
Our platform deploys on the client's premises and doesn't require data transmission to external cloud services

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Case studies

8-12 Hours Daily
46 Processes
Saved Retailer with Primo RPA bots

Doubled Process Efficiency
Migrated to Primo RPA in 2.5 months
Robotic Transformation for a Major Retail Company


About the Company

One of the oldest and largest national retail chains, operating since 1993, with 254 hypermarkets and 557 supermarkets. The total trading area of the network is nearing 2 million square meters, and their annual turnover exceeds 1.3 billion dollars. Since 2018, the company has been automating business processes to accelerate data processing and reduce errors associated with the human factor.

Business Challenge

Robotization is a part of our strategic processes, and we never considered abandoning RPA technology. However, we were seeking a more cost-effective solution to reduce expenses and enhance efficiency. Our in-house development department lacked the resources to create our platform and migrate all the necessary business processes within such tight time constraints.


We chose a new vendor with a platform and resources capable of facilitating the migration of all robots in the shortest time without significant process adjustments. In just 2.5 months, Primo RPA experts transferred 90% of our company's automated business processes to their platform.


Primo RPA successfully migrated 46 automated business processes across approximately 10 departments in our retail company, including HR, accounting, finance, logistics, marketing, administration, and IT, effectively doubling process speeds.

Insurance Company
Reduction in RPA software licensing costs
Migrating to Primo RPA without Sacrificing Speed and Functionality

About the Company

A flagship in the national insurance market, with over 1,500 sales points offering a wide range of insurance policies, from medical coverage to major financial risks. The company integrated RPA into its digital transformation strategy back in 2018 — to automate processes such as generating insurance agent reports, managing insurance contract operations, and creating and sending agreements to claims settlement departments.

Business Challenge

The task at hand was migrating six processes, two of which were complex, involving branching and numerous conditional statements. It was critical to ensure that the migration didn't adversely affect the company's operations and that users experienced no downtime or process slowdowns. Rigorous testing of various scenarios, including real data, was essential.


The presence of a scenario converter that facilitated the migration of current automation to Primo RPA eliminated the need to rebuild process automation logic from scratch. Code transfer was automatic. Key factors influencing the choice of the platform were the advanced functionality of the Orchestrator and the exceptional processing speed, which matched and in some aspects exceeded the platform used.


The migration not only seamlessly replaced the other RPA platform with our Primo RPA platform, preserving the speed and quality of automation but it also resulted in approximate savings of one third on RPA software licenses. All six automated processes were successfully transitioned to the new Primo RPA platform for industrial use. Importantly, end-users barely noticed any changes.

Under 2 Months

Full Process Migration Completed
Business Processes Automated with Primo RPA
Daily Operations Handled by Bots
Roboticizing Business Processes for a Global Diamond Mining Leader

About the Company
One of the leading global companies in the diamond mining industry by volume and reserves. The company's core activities include geological exploration, diamond mining, and diamond sales, as well as diamond manufacturing. It employs over 30,000 individuals.

The journey of robotization began in 2021 with a few software robots. At that time, the company decided to take a more systematic approach to scale RPA technology for automating critical processes.

Business Challenge
The challenge was to automate business processes involving large workloads in short time frames and tasks related to working across multiple information systems: procurement, finance, human resources, shared services, and others.

After a thorough platform comparison and considering the company's requirements, Primo RPA emerged as the best solution for the tasks at hand. The software robot development team took about a month to understand the platform's functionality. Afterward, they spent another six months mastering the intricacies essential for project scaling and automating complex business processes.

The key and supplementary information systems were successfully automated, including:
  • ERP
  • Electronic document management system
  • Transport management system
  • HR
  • Browsers
  • Office suites
  • File exchange syste

The technology's capabilities are actively employed in the procurement department: software robots interact with suppliers, oversee delivery execution, reconcile transport documents, and generate comprehensive reports.

  • Aleksander S.
    Head of Internal Development at the Retail Company
    "The Primo RPA platform seamlessly integrated with the processes automated within our supermarket network. During the migration, we didn't have to abandon any processes due to technical constraints."
  • Alex V.
    Head of Technology Operations at the Insurance Company
    "Thanks to meticulous project planning, we perfectly adhered to our deadlines. Having our converter – an automated code transfer tool – saved us up to 30% of our time."
  • Maxim P.
    Head of Technology Operations at the Mining Company
    "Our chosen platform perfectly aligns with our requirements for precision and the speed of operations. We see that the Primo RPA team is actively working on product development, improving it from one release to the next. It's also worth mentioning the vendor's proactive approach to product development and support."

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For over a decade, our team has been at the forefront of robotic business processes. Since 2018, we've been developing our own robotization platform, Primo RPA, now trusted by over 70 large and medium-sized companies in Eastern Europe's financial, insurance, mining, and processing sectors.

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